What to know before buying a second home

Let Kay Carlson Realtor be your guide to a Prescott vacation home.You may already have a wonderful home and all that goes with it, but can’t stop dreaming of a little log cabin mountain retreat, or maybe a place near the water, or even something showcasing Prescott’s stunning views. If you’re thinking of purchasing a second home in Prescott, Kay Carlson Realtor offers some points to help guide your through the process.

Is your second home for investment or retirement, or maybe just a vacation house, or possibly all three? You may rent it out when you’re not using it, and later retire there. Size, location, and other important features such as views are important. Consider taxes, additional vacation home insurance, utilities and possible renovations into your budget.

Location, Location, Location
Your second home is likely where you’ll eventually spend a lot of time, so check out the amenities, weather, noise, and distance from your primary residence. Try to get a thorough picture by spending time there both in and out of season. You will more likely use a second residence within a short drive or flight of your first home. Location can also determine the resale value, so look for areas with steady increases in price.

Will it be empty?
Who is going to be looking out for your home when you’re not there? Considerations such as plumbing or roof leaks, electrical issues – or even break-ins – are all important to mitigate in advance. You can purchase security cameras, and if you’ve made a friend in the neighborhood you can ask them to look in on it while you’re gone. You may also consider a property management company.

A second home is much more than an investment when you consider its value in relaxation, peace of mind, and building more memories to come. Kay Carlson Realtor will help guide you to your Prescott dream vacation home. Call Kay Carlson today at 928-710-4193.