What a buyer’s agent does

Kay Carlson Realtor is your experienced agent for Prescott vacation homes serving you with small town warmth and big city professionalism.While looking for your new home, you may have heard of seller’s agents, listing agents, and buyer’s agents. If you’re a buyer, it’s helpful to know what a buyer’s agent is. Essentially, a buyer’s agent has your objective as their sole priority. Kay Carlson Realtor wants you to know how a buyer’s agent can help you in finding and negotiating the purchase of your new Prescott home.

Here are some of the things a buyer’s agent can do:

  • Find the right property
  • Negotiate the offer
  • Recommend other professionals
  • Help overcome setbacks

But a seller’s agent can do all those things, too. So what’s the difference between the listing agent (seller’s agent) and the buyer’s agent?

  • Buyer’s agents are legally bound to help buyers. That’s it. The seller’s agent (aka listing agent) has a legal obligation, a fiduciary responsibility, to the seller – but not to the buyer. Think in terms of hiring an attorney. Would you want the attorney representing the person suing you to be your attorney, too? No! You need someone whose sole commitment is to act in your best interest and protect your rights.
  • Any opinion you have about a prospective property that might affect the sale, or any advantage you might have in the negotiations that you disclose to the seller’s agent in confidence is not protected. But your exclusive buyer’s agent is obligated to keep your comments confidential so that they can’t be used against you. “We love this house and just have to have it” is something you wouldn’t want the seller’s agent to know. If you have a buyer’s agent representing you, you can expect that information to be kept confidential.

If you’re ready to search for your new Prescott home and want the benefits of hiring an agent devoted to your goals and committed to your best interests, pick up the phone today and call Kay Carlson Realtor at 928-710-4193.