Tips for your vacation rental

Kay Carlson Realtor - Remax Mountain Properties can help you find your Prescott vacation dream home.If you are considering investing in a vacation home in Prescott, and part of your plan is offering the vacation home as a rental when you’re not using it, there are a few things Kay Carlson Realtor – Remax Mountain Properties recommends you do to secure the safety and security of your rental property between occupancies.

Exterior Maintenance
Arrange to have the yard regularly maintained including mowing, weeding and watering during the summer months and snow and ice removal during the winter. Also arrange to have any advertisements, flyers and mailers tossed in the driveway or left at your door picked up daily.

Turn on the Lights
Always set the lights in your home on a timer. Make sure you are using timers that allow you to set each room’s lights to turn on or off at a variety of times during the day/evening. Exterior motion sensor lights are a must and can be easily and affordably added to your property if you don’t already have them.

Eight Eyes Are Better Than Four
Make friends with your neighbors on both sides of your street. Give them your phone/text and email and ask them to let you know right away if they see anything suspicious. They can also let you know if they notice a problem like damage after a monsoon or a broken sprinkler or other kinds of incidents which might cause concern.

Invest in Good Locks
Invest in a Bluetooth keypad. They are very easy to install and you can assign private codes to your friends and family, or even a trusted neighbor. A Bluetooth keypad lock will notify you anytime someone enters your home. But good locks don’t matter if you don’t make absolutely sure all the doors and windows are locked each and every time you leave the property. Whatever you do, do not leave a spare key under the doormat, a fake rock or in a potted plant.

Investing in a Prescott area rental property means having property in a city that is a tourist favorite. Real estate is the perfect investment to enjoy while its value is increasing. If you’re considering buying a second home in Prescott, begin your search by calling Kay Carlson Realtor – Remax Mountain Properties today at 928-778-1010.