Tips for buying a vacation home

Kay Carlson - Realtor - Remax Mountain Properties specializes in Prescott vacation home sales and can help you find the home of your dreams.Are you thinking about buying a vacation home in Prescott? Good choice! Kay Carlson – Realtor with Remax Mountain Properties offers these tips for buying your vacation getaway.

Get to know the area.
Consider renting a place in the area you’re considering, as you are looking for your home to purchase. Stay for at least a couple of weeks to make sure you learn how much there is to do in the Prescott area. Visit in different seasons so you will experience weather patterns. Learn what parts of town you prefer.

Carefully choose the location.
Before you start shopping, give a lot of thought as to exactly why you want this second home. The answer will determine just where you look to buy. If the main reason is for you and your loved ones to gather together as a family, you’ll want your vacation home to be in an area that is easily accessible to everyone.

Be realistic about much time you will spend in your vacation home. 
You may use it often at the beginning, but as the kids grow older, you may use your vacation house less and less. This should not necessarily be a deterrent, as the value of your investment may increase considerably.

Buy what your budget can afford. 
Don’t purchase a property that will be a stretch to pay for. You don’t want additional stress – you go on vacation to get away from stress! Also consider whether you want to hire someone to manage the place or care for the yard. Calculate all the financial aspects into a plan that you can afford. You can always upgrade to a bigger house in future years.

Kay Carlson Realtor – Remax Mountain Properties offers these suggestions to consider when buying a vacation home in Prescott. Kay Carlson has a wealth of experience and can help you with all aspects of buying your vacation home. Whatever your real estate needs, call Prescott Realtor Kay Carlson today at 928-778-1010.