How to choose a vacation rental property

Kay Carlson Realtor - Remax Mountain Properties can help you find the right vacation rental property in Prescott and expertly walk you through the entire purchase process.A vacation rental is typically property that is purchased as a second home and investment property. The rental income that is generated is helpful to offset some of the costs of owning the home. Kay Carlson Realtor – Remax Mountain Properties offers some suggestions on choosing a vacation rental home in Prescott.

Location, Location, Location
An important factor in choosing a vacation rental property is where it is located. Choosing an area that is a desirable vacation destination means the home will likely have a steady stream of renters. Prescott is ideal because it:

  • Is visited often by tourists
  • Offers outdoor activities such as lakes and hiking trails
  • Has a bustling downtown area with restaurants and galleries
  • Boasts great golf courses
  • Enjoys temperate seasons

Enlist a Real Estate Agent
While there are a number of online sources you can search, you are best served by working with a local real estate agent who has knowledge of the area and the expertise to help you through every facet of your property purchase. An experienced agent will also be able to check comparable properties and ensure you are receiving the best value for your investment dollars.

If you intend to use your property as a short-term vacation rental, your agent will be able to refer you to vendors who can provide needed services such as cleaning, landscaping, maintenance, insurance, and security. Consider doing some research on vacation rental companies like Airbnb and VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) to set appropriate rental rates and fees.

Buying a vacation rental property can be a great way to invest in real estate, offset some expenses of home ownership, and still enjoy your favorite vacation spot right in your own second home. Whether you are looking for a cabin, a condo or a single-family home in Prescott, Kay Carlson Realtor – Remax Mountain Properties wants to help you choose the vacation rental property that is right for you. To schedule an appointment, call Kay at 928-778-1010.