Looking for a Getaway?

Looking for a great place for a vacation home or second residence to get away from it all?

While Arizonans know that all of Arizona is beautiful, we do have our extremes. Those summer and wintertime extremes can make life a little bit difficult unless you live in Prescott. Anyone with health or mobility issues will gladly find Prescott’s moderate summer temperatures and minimal winter snowfall a vast improvement over the debilitating heat of the Valley or the difficulties presented by the ice and deep snow of Arizona’s more northern cities.

If you need a reason to relocate to Prescott, we have them. Among national surveys by major magazines and media sources Prescott is counted among the best as:

  • a great place to retire
  • an ’emerging art town’
  • a top ‘green’ city
  • a ‘top 10’ true western town
  • a fast-growing small metro area
  • a best place to live
  • a great adventure town
  • a top trail town
  • a great community for young people
  • a distinctive destination
  • a great place to launch a business
  • a best place for small businesses
  • a town with cleanest air quality

If relocating is difficult because of work, family, or school, you can still enjoy all the benefits of beautiful Prescott, Arizona as your location for a second home. A second home in Prescott offers Arizonans a place to escape the exhausting heat of Phoenix or to retreat to the luxury of a winter cabin to spend a nice cozy weekend in the snow in front of a fire. Many here in Prescott are seasonal so while they don’t live here year-round, they are able to come to Prescott as often as their job, time, and circumstances allow.

Having a second home in Prescott gives people from around the state, and nearby states, a base for family vacations and personal family retreats. For many, their home is only seasonal for a time and will become their own main residence after retirement. And some people with second homes bought theirs because the property was so competitively priced that it was impossible to resist a good deal.

If alpine clean air, lakes within minutes of anywhere you live here, a family retreat, small business opportunities, retirement, outdoor adventures, historic settings and a beautiful break from high rises, traffic and congestion appeal to you, think about the advantages of a second home in Prescott.


Excited about possibly owning a vacation home in the mountains of Prescott? Why not fulfill your dream. Prescott may be just the location you are looking for your vacation getaway. Contact us today to start your search.