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Discover Your Destination: Prescott’s Community

What Makes Prescott so Awesome?

Prescott, Arizona is nestled in the mountains of north central Arizona. Prescott’s residents are able to enjoy its near perfect climate due to its mile-high elevation. The climate alone is what has drawn multitudes of visitors to fall in love with Prescott so much that they make it their hometown. Maybe that’s why Prescott has earned the name, “Everybody’s Hometown.” The annual average high temperature is a comfortable 69 degrees! Prescott’s spring season is beautiful, the summers are warm, the mild autumns are colorful, while winters brings bright, colorful decorations to the Town Square. The Christmas festivities have given Prescott yet another name: “Arizona’s Christmas City.”

Are You a History Buff?

Come walk the streets and visit the same places that famous Old West figures like Bucky O’Neill, Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp and his brother Virgil walked. There are many exciting historical things to see in the very first Arizona Territorial Capital.

Visit Fort Whipple and learn about the history of Arizona and the Old West. Fort Whipple served as one of the United States Army’s tactical bases during the country’s Indian Wars (1864-1886). Fort Whipple became a prominent military center for the Arizona Territory. In later years, Fort Whipple became known for being one of the largest hospitals for treating military veterans for respiratory problems. The fort continues its fine tradition of military service by continuing to this day as a VA medical facility treating our country’s brave veterans.

Like to Hike?

The Prescott area is known and loved for its gorgeous mountain views, treasured lakes, and great hiking trails. Prescott trails to range from nearly effortless jaunts to serious ascents offering hundred-mile views. One of the most hiked is Watson Lake Loop. On this 5-mile hike, you’ll explore Prescott’s Granite Dells. You may even find the Dells’ hidden coves. You can see a waterfall on this exciting hike. If you like fewer people and more strenuous trails, take the Granite Mountain Trail. This hike will be 5 miles of moderate mountain temps and far-reaching views of both Prescott and Chino Valley.

If you love the outdoors, you can also enjoy camping, boating, biking, rock climbing, and much more. Since the weather is so excellent, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors almost year-round. No matter what time of year, you will not be disappointed.

Prescott’s Rich Culture

Prescott has maintained a rich and unique culture. Enjoy the excitement of Prescott’s performing arts community, musicians, artists, writers, storytellers, and much, much more! Prescott has many events which provide exciting entertainment throughout the year.

We invite you to come visit Prescott, “Everybody’s Hometown.” You might decide to make Prescott YOUR hometown! For more information and places to visit, contact us today to learn more.