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Western Hometown: Prescott's Roots and Culture

To locals, historic Prescott, Arizona, is known as our first capital, the home of the world's oldest rodeo, infamous Whiskey Row, legendary old-time Hollywood actor Tom Mix, the fabled Earp brothers, gold miners, and cowboys still riding the range today.

Prescott is the real deal; a truly authentic western town, but the jewel of Arizona's Central Highlands is not limited to the excitement of the wild, wild west. Prescottonians are favored with miles and miles of every kind of hiking, biking, and rock climbing adventure an outdoor enthusiast can imagine. If you like fishing, kayaking, and canoeing, Watson, Goldwater, Lynx and the smaller Fain Lake are all within 15 minutes of downtown.

Adding to Prescott's wild west reputation and natural riches is our sizable and varied artistic community made up of painters, dancers, actors, storytellers, writers, historians, sculptors, musicians, weavers and woodworkers to name but a few. Of course, local artists pay homage to our high-spirited western history but they also represent a very diverse selection of works appealing to a wide range of artistic tastes. Museums and galleries throughout the area offer postmodern oils, breathtaking landscapes, abstracts and more all created in a assortment of mediums from acrylics to water colors, including pen and ink, photography, and more to satisfy every interest. Prescott's galleries are replete with every medium and artistic subject.

If the bygone captures your imagination, our historic downtown district, theater houses, and museums illuminate Prescott's glorious contributions to every manner of life through tours, hands-on activities, lectures, presentations, limited engagements, cultural awareness, as well as prehistoric, historic, and contemporary exhibits. Additionally, Prescott offers more than 60 locations currently on the National Register of Historic Places for visitors to explore.

Artistic, historical, cultural events, and festivals abound. An abundance of artisans, craftsmen, musicians, and talented individuals from around the country showcase, surprise, and delight locals and visitors with their wares and and skills season after season. Every year means many fun and inexpensive programs and cultural events all designed to appeal to a wide variety of ages and preferences.


We invite you to come visit Prescott, “Everybody’s Hometown.” You might decide to make Prescott YOUR hometown! For more information and places to visit contact us today.

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